Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Today I am very thankful:

...for this face:

...and a good cup of this:

...that it is only 48 days until I see these smiles:

...and that this hotness comes home to me every night:

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mom Cave

IF I ever have a space that I can keep all to myself, even if just a corner...
...and someone gave me a World Market gift card for a bizillion dollars...
(c'mon, a girl can dream, right?)

I would start with these:

and then add 3 of these vertically on the left side of the window (yes, I have windows).

and then plop this down at an angle in front of said window:

with this purty pilla'(the red, maybe?):

with this right beside, a home for my bible, journal, coffee and pen:

This is on the wall behind me, to house my other current reads, fabric, and other craft:

with this little number on the top left corner:

...and then paint an accent wall buttery yellow or apple green.

World Market doesn't sell sewing machines, so I guess I'd have to use my own. :) Or guitars...I'd have my guitar in there too. Oh, wait!!! I need an espresso machine! YES, NEED!
Of course, it goes against EVERY bone in my body to buy something new if it isn't on sale, AND it is very hard for me not to MAKE something for a space...I don't feel like I own it unless I make some measly thing! So, Momma's cave would probably turn out a bit different. But here's to dreaming up one little space where I can
simultaneously pray for my family, write songs, read books, drink lattes, and sew Christmas gifts! Woohoo!

Monday, August 23, 2010

as time and budget allow...

Here are some "idea files" of ways I hope to beautify our home in the coming weeks and months.

1) This:

pottery barn

+ this:

(martha stewart)

...only with individual candle plate mirrors from hobby lobby (grouped together), and a grapevine wreath, so I can switch out decorations with the seasons.

2) Love this (from Home & Harmony), but will probably wait until the new year or we buy a home to start it. A lovely idea to document those who fellowship around our table over the years, and encourage us towards hospitality!

3) I'm working on these. We had vertical blinds in our apartment (eeew!), and who wants their home to feel like they are on the thirteenth floor of a downtown office building? Not. Us. Our previous livingroom curtains weren't wide enough for the ginormous window in our livingroom...and I was having trouble finding discount fabric that we liked and would block out the sun (a big priority for the Mister). Solution? Canvas dropcloths! At Lowes we found a 9' x 15' cloth for under 24 buckaroos -- which rounds out to less than $2.70/yd for thick cotton duck! Another benefit of these is that all 4 edges are hemmed, so as long as you have drapery clips, you are good to go! They are currently haphazardly slapped up, so as to block out the rays, and our whole house smells we should be painting. We're not, but I need to wash and iron these babies. Drop cloths are my new best friends! Which brings me to:

4) Slip-covers! Check out this, and this and this! I have two (free-to-me) chairs that I've been covering up with throws for too long. They are in desperate need of some drop cloth love. However... I still haven't really figured out when to sew these days. When the little guy is napping, I am busy doing important things like dishes, tooth brushing and napping. :) So these may take a bit longer!

What home decorating projects are you looking forward to in the near future?

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thankful Thursday

(taken Thanksgiving 2009, at my parents' house)

An exercise in thankfulness and contentment. Turning the frown upside down. Seeing the beauty.

Today I am thankful:

...for the excessive heat
  • because it helps me to 'love' my home more when we are stuck indoors.
  • its easy on the budget.
  • because the morning light is especially beautiful, peacefully waking us up.
  • because it makes me drink more water.
  • butter pecan ice cream. Nuff said.
  • because I dread the cold more than the heat, so I'll soak it up.

...that we don't own a washer or dryer
  • because its a nice excuse to see the in laws.
  • because my sweet mother-in-law and sister-in-law help me with inordinate amounts of burp-cloth washing.
  • because ironing is NOT my favorite chore.
  • because my clothes smell like the country air.

...that we live in a smaller space
  • there is less to clean, and frankly, this is all I can handle right now. :)
  • because it simplifies things, and helps us 'dare to dump' as my Momma would say.
  • because its really all we need right now.
  • because it keeps all three of us close, all the time.

"I give thanks to you, O Lord my God, with my whole heart, and I will glorify your name forever."
Psalm 86:12

What are you thankful for today?